Plant Based. Paraffin Free. PFC free. Ski Wax

Reduce your environmental footprint, increase your stoke levels on the snow. Introducing TRAXX, an innovative new plant-based ski wax designed to replace toxic wax products and improve the snow sport experience.

Dont Get Left Behind

Just As Slick As The Rest

Innovations in green technologies and material science have allowed us to overcome the challenges of formulating a plant-based product, resulting in a competitive wax with zero environmental impact.

All the good and none of the bad

We have combined advanced and innovative materials science with rigorous field-testing, resulting in a wax with superior performance specs to the status quo with zero environmental impact.

Plant Based

Paraffin Free

PFC Free

Made In Canada

From The Roots Of Winter Sports

TRAXX Plant-Based Ski Wax is a Canadian-made product developed over multiple years in the Coastal mountains of British-Columbia in every snow condition imaginable.

The TRAXX team is an experienced team of product developers, chemists, and athletes with decades of experience developing high performance plant-based materials in a variety of different industries.

Be the first down the mountain

Experience the difference. Step up your tuning this Winter with TRAXX.